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Since the Nogales Bicycle Classic was launched eight years ago, organizers have had no problem prioritizing cycling over outdoor fitness events. Since then, the event has attracted hundreds of participants from both sides of the border and has become a fun and entertaining Gran Fondo ride. The event also helps to liven up life, says Olea, offering pastries, salsa and tortillas and taking visitors to the small farmers market Mercado, where you can find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to fresh vegetables and meat. What it reveals is that everything is right next to each other and everyone is coming together for a big finish party.

The third Nogales Bicycle Classic Gran Fondo, the largest cycling event of its kind in the United States, is underway.

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While I can speak directly on the issues mentioned, I was surprised to hear about it after my wedding two weeks ago. I would like to give you an update on how it all worked, how the wedding was choreographed and how I feel. It sounds as though you were not invited to share one of the posts - wedding parties with me - so again I am sorry I did not speak to you directly. They didn't come over the night before the wedding and haven't visited or called me since.

If you would like to come and introduce yourself personally, I would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. If you have any complaints, please use the contact form to notify me.

We will continue to demand justice for the family of Jose Antonio and Elena Rodriguez, who have bravely led the fight for the past six years. We must continue to urge the international and US communities to demand justice in the wake of the US-led violence against the people of El Salvador. With your support, we will continue to challenge ourselves to take on new perspectives and to network and grow social movements across borders to respond appropriately to the needs of justice for present and future generations. I have compiled a list of events to which I invite you to give us an insight so that we can further develop our solidarity - our work that is rooted in tradition.

Alejandra joins a growing list of those targeted for ICE deportation who have testified before the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The speakers describe personal testimonies, address the impact of forced resettlement and deportation on their families and communities, and describe life and survival in for-profit detention camps. Empathy with sufferers through stories of how violence has affected their lives.

Saturday is a day to recognise that we have not managed to separate ourselves from our interconnected struggles. The simultaneous actions in the region underline the importance of articulating struggles, networks and movements across borders and show what we are most grateful for. Artists hold a space outside the walls as a reminder that there is joy and that no border can ever contain the human spirit, rights or dreams. We resist through music, spoken word, celebration and dance, and build and deepen transnational networks of solidarity and resistance.

We offer the chance to cross new frontiers through civil disobedience, in solidarity with our fellow human beings in the struggle for human rights, justice and freedom.

The Encuentro is an opportunity to promote the struggles of migrants and immigrants by telling stories of displacement, disappearance, torture and death in conjunction with sites of US-led violence in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Middle East and Central American countries, while bringing them together in solidarity with the struggle for human rights, justice and freedom in the United States. When every person lies down on the ground and holds up a sign, similar to the one found in the desert every year for the last ten years, and plants other marigolds, the space turns into a reminder of what the wall of borders really means. All you see are scattered cameras in front of a wall that no one can ever cross, but What we are seeing is the result of years of work by thousands of people, with cameras scattered everywhere, in places that were once impossible to cross.

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More About Nogales